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Monsanto, the most dangerous company in the world

 Monsanto Company is a supranational American corporation focused on agricultural sector, agrochemical industry, biotechnology, pharmacy and genetically modified crops. It is also one of the biggest producers of phosphate herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers and other petrol derivatives.

This company continuously lobs at governments all around the world for support of GMO, to which structure it owns intellectual rights. It is hard to imagine that someone can own intellectual property rights to sequence of DNA, but this company decided to use it as building ground for its business.


Monsanto Company presents the genetically modified crops as an only solution to the upcoming food crisis and justifies it by promising growth in harvest using the genetically modified crops as opposed to the traditional ones. Monsanto Company is aware of wealth it can generate with right government support and it is no big surprise, that it was previously convicted of bribery of politicians. Due to its lobby, an American legislative that forces farmers to buy certified seeds every year was carried through. Also the regulations to mark GMO on product's label are degrading progressively.


 In 2009, which was the last year of sharing company's profits so far, the Monsanto Company profited almost $8 billions from selling seeds and related products. While volume of genetically modified crops annualy graduates by 100 %, it is no surprise that stocks of Monsanto Company surpass record stock exchange indexes by tens of percents. Get rid of Apple stocks and buy these instead.


 On the 4th of April 2013, president Obama signed a law that became known as Monsanto Protection Act. According to this law, the Monsanto Company acquires rights to regulate sale, distribution, seeding and harvesting of genetically modified crops.


In the beginning of 2011, WikiLeaks published content of diplomatic dispatch from an American embassy according to which the USA intends to create a list of countries that refuses genetically modified crop and subsequently retaliate for that. More bits that can be found at Wikipedia: The Monsanto company was fined a total of $1.5 million for systematical corruption of Indonesian authorities during talks about legalization if genetically modified crops. Monsanto bribed at least 140 Indonesian government officers and their family members in order to ignore the result of a study about growing genetically modified cottonplant. 

In history Monsanto Company developed assortment of pesticides for Agent Orange which was accidentaly contamined with highly toxic dioxins. These dioxin were used by US Army to destroy vegetation that served as cover for Vietcong groups during the Vietnam war. The impacts on health situation of local people were so horrible that I could not put any picture into this article.


 In 1998, the affair about beef growth hormone Posilac broke down. This hormone is prohibited everywhere around the world, except for the USA, for its side effects. It helps to higher milk production but it causes a purulent inflammation of the udderat the same time, which Monsanto compensate by high dosage of antibiotics. These are dissolved into the milk and cause different health problems such as higher probability of breast cancer. 


 This link was discovered by Fox News reporters Jane Acre and Steven Wilson who covered the whole situation and created a video report. However, Fox News cancelled the airing of the report and fired both the reporters for alleged improffesionality. 


 In Semptember 2012, French scientist presented a study about mices fed by genetically modified corn. Most of females died of breast cancer, males were diagnosed with skin or kidney tumors. You can never trust any food that is not bred by yourself. This is the reason I decided to try homemade aquaponic farm.


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